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Thanks for the kudos!

We have had the Toughguard product applied over a new coat of paint to more than a dozen jet aircraft from King Airs to Gulfstreams and everyone is always satisfied with the outcome. And that is not just the first impression. The new paint looks wet and rich and the aircraft stays that way. Jet exhaust and bugs on the leading edges can now be washed off more easily.

Anyone considering a major expenditure for painting of their aircraft should always have Toughguard applied as well. It will keep the paint like it rolled out of the paint bay yesterday and their cleaners and detailers will love them for it.

Randy Ray, AvCraft Completions, Tyler, Texas

I’m happy to say we successfully applied the toughguard product to the CJ below. The application process was everything I hoped it to be. Very easy to apply and just as easy to remove. I gotta say! The slickness and shine it leaves behind is amazing! Even more impressive is the depth of shine it creates. Almost like looking at wet paint.

Without a doubt, I will be passing my results on to my customer base. I will be working hard to sell more applications so with any luck you will be hearing from me on a consistent basis.

Ben Coen, Obsessive Cleaning Tactics

We tried your “Carbon Remover” last night! I’ve never seen anything like it. It ATE the carbon off a King Air and left nothing behind but the look and feel of freshly painted Beechcraft goddess. I have 2 kids and wife to trade if need be to get more. We need to talk about that stuff.

Eric W. Buller, Flightcraft, Portland International Airport

We couldn’t be happier with the Toughguard on our paint. The jet looks beautiful, cleans easily, and is holding up very well. I plan on applying Toughguard to my two vehicles and two Harleys! Wish I could write a testimonial for you, but due to the nature of our mission, that’s not possible.

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