ToughGuard-Aero / Protection

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Our proprietary formulation inhibits corrosion while ensuring durability across the spectrum of operating environments

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Seal-out contamination; seal-in paint life



Takes on challenging environments, safely

Protective Coating

ToughGuard-Aero® protects aircraft paint against the buildup of harmful environmental elements such as rain erosion, UV damage, soot and carbon buildup, pollution, volcanic ash, hydraulic fluids and bird/insect residues. Because the paint is protected against harmful environmental factors the lifetime of the paint is extended by up to 50% of the normal paint life expectation.

Protect your Image – By preserving the “like-new condition” of painted surfaces, ToughGuard-Aero® will help protect your commercial, corporate, and personal image, by making a positive impact on your brand identity, customer awareness, and loyalty.

Molecular Bond

ToughGuard-Aero®’s Nano sized molecules fill in and smooth out the painted surfaces at the microscopic level, then bond with the paint creating a protective barrier coat between the paint and harmful environmental elements. This extremely durable barrier coat reduces attachment points for dirt and other types of contaminants to latch to the surface.

ToughGuard-Aero®’s durability is real; scoring 10 out of a possible 10 in an independent test by for Rain Erosion by a major U.S. OEM. It is for this reason that ToughGuard-Aero® can offer a five (5) year guarantee on our coating with every factory authorized application.

Eco Performance

ToughGuardAero® has a high temperature thermal threshold of +450 F and a low temperature thermal threshold of -80 Fahrenheit. Traditional waxes and polishes deteriorate from heat exposure, absorb buildup and pollutants, and wash away with detergents; not with ToughGuard-Aero!

Eco FriendlyJust as important, ToughGuard-Aero® products are non-hazardous, environmentally sound, and safe. In fact, ToughGuard-Aero® is a water based product and has very low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Because ToughGuard-Aero® impedes dirt and other contaminants from adhering to painted surfaces; the need for water, detergents and chemicals (needed to maintain a clean aircraft) is greatly reduced.

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